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Happy New Years

Praise be to  Jehovah and Father of our Lord  Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through te resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. 1Peter3:21NIV

This is the day that Jesus Christ rose from his tomb after being crucified on the cross. So, why shouldn’t I make this my personal new year. Where 365 days of the year starts now.  Because through Christ’s death and resurrection, we are all redeemed from our sins and transgressions. As well as, bad eating habits, no exercise and much more.

So, With that being said let’s start this year knowing that we’re  human beings, who’ll fall off track every day or every minute. But, that’s the beauty of the gift of Jesus Christ and the instructions that are given in the Bibles. Amen imPerfectlyHis2017©



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Love on Record

Journal entries from a young and lovesick  me:


Today, My broken heart is beating to a sad tune as tears dance along my face. because, my current memory plays like a loop in my head of a guy I thought was the one. Who, just coldly said in short goodbye. How did I not see or hear the needle skip in our year  love song? Furthermore, how can I pick up the pieces of what was and what’s now? Due to the fact, I feel my life has been trampled by  his hipster tennis shoes;  I fear I may never love again.

Journal  Entry: 03-14-2015

O.M.G Cary asked me out!!!!! I think I love him.XXOO



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Humbleness is bliss


1Peter: 5:6-7

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.


Every moment I see the meaning of Jehovah’s words through Jesus. To me that knowledge is a mini graduation in the daily school of living life.

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Close to Me

“I was so close to him, I could have cried, from being over joyed”

” I was this close in line from getting the last, Chocolate Cronut ”

” That ball came close to hinting my face”

” I sat this close to the stage!”

” My friends and I, are very close

” That strange person is to close ,  to me , for own my comfort.”

” Let’s create an event to draw our  family close together.”

” Let’s close the subject and let it go”

” We’re getting close to the end of our work day”

” it’s getting close to my vacation”

“Sorry, we have to close the door. ”

The word close can be felt is many different ways. Depending on the way it’s used  said or written. I never realized this until this writing exercise. Nor, the emotions that are felt behind it, whenever the word is used. Like, the above examples. which are a few.

These emotions, run from relief ,excitement, disappointment, anticipation, tenderness, and Fondness.

But, of course the word close can have a negative spin to it. But, we all  know those feelings.So, I’ll close the subject on this.

Instead I  would like to close this post the hopes, when the day of our Lord comes; That  none of us are saying while  in  the depths of hell ,  ” I was that close to getting into heaven”. :))))))

Have Blessed and safe evening every9ne~ Leah

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And it goes on and on

If I had to list my favorite things in life. It would change, depending on what stage of my life I’m in. Such as a child my favorite things where:
1) Play dates with friends
2) My Little Pony
3) Bedtime stories


When I was a teenager that list changed to:

1) Boys

2) Talking on the phone

3) All things  fashionable and on trend

And this list went on, with the names of the boys changing, as crushes go. Along with my favorite boy bands ,celebrities and fashion magazine.

Here are my twenties:

1) My long term boyfriend ( So, I thought)

2) Our First apartment together

3)  My First apartment alone ( enough said)

This would also included career, car,  nightclubs, and apple martinis.

But, the older I become the more that list matures.These are the things I favor, now in my life:

1) Going on Hikes

2)  Reading or writing outside on my balcony

3) Chocolate

Other’s things included on this list a glass of wine with friends over dinner. Enjoying time with my family, crocheting, photography,vacations,  bee keeping and  quite time

But, what’s  not on  my rotating lists, is my time in the mornings, when  I meditate  on Jehovah’s words through the teachings of  Jesus Christ.  Why, didn’t I  mention God in Jesus Christ? Simply, because all through enjoyable moments. My faith is who I ‘am , not listed because this   bible verse says it best.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.   ~ Hebrews 13:8


There isn’t  a realer statement than that, for me. Also, across my heart and soul no matter the age  I make a list up. It’s will always be  due to the Heavenly Father, that I have the emotions to enjoy the  things like and love. And it’s Because of the Father  through Jesus Christ, that gives me the courage to  take heed and learn a lesson  from loving too much.

Thank You, Leah.

God Bless you all in the name of Jesus Christ.

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I usually save things that encourage me, for another post. But, today I want to give credit to what gave me the idea to write  this post today!

Which happen after reading,  Gina Norman of Contemplating Beauty , Post called: 4o things I learned in 40 years.  When you read her post you’ll see  the influence and impact it had on me. 

Well have blessings everyone