Myra lived her life in the clouds with the moon and stars. Where she had all galaxies as her playground. All was well until her dream world shook and jolted her back to earth. Where adulthood awaited and asked her to remove her rosegold tinted glasses. imPerfectlyLeah2017©

Daily Prompt: Jolt

Dream Fort by Erin McGuire

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Love on Record

Journal entries from a young and lovesick  me:


Today, My broken heart is beating to a sad tune as tears dance along my face. Becuase, my current memory plays like a loop in my head of a guy I thought was the one. Who, just coldly said in short goodbye. How did I not see or hear the needle skip in our year long love song? Furthermore, how can I pick up the pieces of what was and what’s now? Due to the fact, I feel my life has been trampled on like an old vinyl disc. As the tread of his hipster tennis shoes leaves it mark. I shall never love again



O.M.G Cary asked me out!!!!! I think I love him.XXOO



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